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Planting a Backyar Orchard with Hunington Tree Service

It seems that more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce home expenses and food cost seems to be at or near the top of the list. One of the ways to combat food cost is to grow your own and fruit trees are a great way to start.


Fruit trees produce fruit year after year helping you save on your food bills. There are disease resistant strains making the controlling of pests much easier. Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying just because the trees are disease resistant does not mean that you simply plant them and forget them. With a little attention and care your trees will provide you and your family with delicious fresh fruit for many years to come. You may also consider that planting Dwarf varieties means that you do not need acres of property to grow them.


Hold on a minute ya can’t just run out and start digging holes and filling them with fruit trees from who knows where. You need to do a little bit of planning first. Here are a few of our suggestions that will get you started on the right foot and help ensure that your backyard Orchard is a success.


Where Ya Gonna Plant??


Step one is to take a long look at your property in order to Produce their best Fruit Trees need at least 8 hours of direct sunlight. Pick an area where Tall trees or buildings do not block the sun, especially in August when the sun dips low on the horizon. Avoid planting your Fruit Trees under power lines, especially tall growing ones.


If you live in a Northern area, plant hardy trees like American Plum, Apples and Sour Cherries on slopes facing South so they get more heat. Avoid planting fruit trees such as peaches and apricots on South facing slopes as they bloom early and are cold sensitive. Planting these types of trees on a South facing slope could expose them to a late frost and damage or even destroy the year’s crop.


Remember you do not have to plant all of your fruit trees in one area and spread them around. Plant some Pear and Apple trees in the backyard, perhaps a plum in the side yard and a cherry tree in the front yard. Soil that is fertile and well drained is ideal for fruit trees but Fruit trees can be grown just as successfully in a lower quality soil as long as it is well drained and you add some compost and fertilizer.


What Ya Gonna Plant ??


It is not enough to just say I will plant trees that are hardy and taste great, knowing a little bit about pollination will serve you well. Most fruit trees fruit and grow their best when there are two or more varieties planted together. The varieties should bloom in spring at about the same time and who’s pollen is compatible.


Be sure to check the catalogs or the websites you are ordering from for fruit trees that will pollinate each other. There are even some varieties that are self fertile and only one tree is needed. To help lower the cost select trees that are disease resistant this can help lower the need for spraying and help produce quality crops.


When Ya Gonna Plant ??


If you live in the northern climates where winters are cold you will want to plant in the spring. If you live where the winters are warm you can plant in the fall. Either way have the holes dug and prepped before your trees arrive and make sure you plant them as soon as possible after arrival. There is one exception to digging the holes prior to trees arriving and that is if they arrive in potted containers. Waiting to dig the holes will allow you to measure the root ball this way you won’t dig your holes too deep.


The Wrap Up


This is a relatively shortened version and it is by no means the end all and be all of planting a backyard orchard. This is only a guideline on where, when and what to plant. The ultimate decision is yours. Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are planning your Orchard. Ask Questions about compatibility hardiness , growth size and maintenance of the trees you plan to buy.  Below I have added a video that will discuss the easiest growing fruit trees for a backyard orchard. I hope you enjoy it.


I hope that this article has shed some light on planting a backyard Orchard. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again. Learn more about trees and their care at Huntington Tree Service

Villages For Retirement


Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are basically a neighborhood for elders. The name is in some way an unsuitable classification since one doesn’t necessarily have to be retired at all to reside in these retirement towns. However, the entry is typically restricted to people who have reached fifty-five years of age or have actually retired from irreversible work, and their spouses. The basic age is throughout the early to mid 70’s and the common entry age is in the mid to high 60’s. There are generally 2 types of retirement towns, resident funded and donor moneyed. Resident funded retirement towns may be owned and controlled by non-profit organizations or the economic sector. The donor funded retirement towns are usually owned and managed by non-profit organizations, which includes the aspect of charitable aid and entry generally limited to the needy. Retirement villages’ accommodation differs enormously when it pertains to size and design, from bed-sitter apartment or condos to roomy tile and brick homes. Almost all retirement villages have typical areas and a range of facilities on hand for the use and pleasure of all residents.

When searching for retirement golf  homes, it is essential to understand the levels of care supplied in a specific village or to particular systems since ones comfort and convenience depends on this. There a number of terms used to describe the level of care such as “independent living units” or “self-care units”, which use the lowest level of care. An assortment of personal services might be obtainable on demand for “flexicare” systems and user pays on basis of this arrangement. “Assisted living systems” or “serviced apartments” uses the highest level of care and generally includes routine provision of a variety of personal services. Sometimes there is confusion when low level property care centers, frequently called hostels, describe their lodgings as “assisted living systems”.  Hostels and assisted living home are controlled and partially funded by the government and varied legislations, where admission criteria and financing agreements apply. There are at least eight various legal plans for retirement communities which consist of long-term lease, long-term license, strata title, community title, company title, system trust, manufacture home, and traditional lease. These various arrangements can have diverse ramifications and raise various issues in terms of relevant legislation, GST, stamp duty, duty for repair and capital replacement costs, service charges, operator default, security of tenure, termination, capital losses, credit risk, and vacating the premises.  Retirement complex residents might be needed to pay an initial entry price when they move, rent and/or repeating service fee throughout their stay and possibly beyond and a cost called a departure fee, delayed management charge or exit cost when they leave. Retirement villages will offer a lodging and way of life option that can fit a great deal of senior people, however they can be rather complicated and trying to find the ideal retirement towns that will appropriately fit ones require, can be rather tough.

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