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Okanagan BC and Kelowna Golf Homes

The Okanagan Valley is only 350 miles to Vancouver’s East and one of British Columbia’s fastest-growing regions. You will find that all tourists love Kelowna BC after a visit to the stunning Okanagan Lake and Valley. It is immensely popular for its sandy beaches, magnificent parklands and easily described as lakeside paradise. With mountains nearby, that attract outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds including skiers and hikers. It is rated as one of Canada’s most desirable repeat locations with a consistently awesome climate. Both residents and tourists love its year-round appeal.

It is nothing strange to find many people that went to this valley once to relocate and buying a house in the Okanagan. Kelowna, which is the largest in the Valley has a small-town charm while offering everything a major city could. Here you can enjoy a vibrant cultural scene, that includes galleries and theaters, unique shopping and fine dining. That excludes to vineyards and thriving orchards within ten minutes’ drive of each other. In addition, do you have loads of championship golf courses that attract golfing enthusiasts from around the world.

Living in the Valley

Living in the Okanagan BC Golf Homes that includes Lake Country, Kelowna, Penticton, Oliver and Osoyoos you will never have a shortage of wine tasting opportunities, concerts and festivals. That is aside from the immense beauty of the region. Most people that relocate to this Valley do so for the housing affordability, weather, and lifestyle. You will find relocators that move to the Okanagan immediately after finding a home, while others buy vacation properties and recreation homes, with plans to retire later.

When you move to a city like Kelowna without a job you will find the jobs market very competitive. Here job boards and online resources are always listing openings.  Andrew Smith can give you the complete overview of the market. Looking for a new home Most of the job openings in places like Kelowna are never advertised as businesses fill positions by personal application. This is what heightens the small-town feel of the city. When you have your resume ready, hand it in where you are interested, and you might just be lucky. The fast-paced growth of the Valley adds to the job growth in the area and unemployment rate is low.

Looking at your children’s education you will find good schools, like in District 23 that offers many schools that range from preschool to Grade 12. In addition are the Okanagan College and the University of British Columbia offering post-secondary students top courses.

Lake Country

Lake Country in Okanagan lies north of the Valley next to Kelowna and another top place to live with similar attractions like wine tours, golfing, hiking and water sports throughout the year. On the south side of the Valley, you have Penticton which directly translates to “place to live forever”. When you travel from Kelowna or Osoyoos you are officially on the wine route.

As with all the towns in the Valley, you will find it is much like a holiday resort lifestyle that all residents live. Throughout the year you have wine festivals, jazz festivals, golfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, walking trails, parks and beaches to enjoy.

Osoyoos also offer everybody the best of the good life in the intimate and friendly resort town. Living in Osoyoos you will feel like you are on permanent vacation with wineries on sloping hills, beaches, spas, golf courses, wildlife watching, mountains, eco desert experiences and so much more.

Another contender of the Valley’s wine champion is Oliver. It is very small and rather called a friendly community than a town. Top wineries, excellent swimming in the Okanagan River, a small lake and very affordable housing you will find many wish they could live there if only it was a little bigger.

One thing is certain the entire Okanagan BC offer residents a magnificent relaxed lifestyle. Each one of the towns offer everything you would want and an excellent place to raise a family or retire.